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  • Spectra CR600 Receiver comes with C50 Rod Mount (shown attached) and C51 Magnetic Mount. Versatile Receiver for a wide range of applications.
  • Spectra Precision CR600 Receiver shown without attachments
  • Spectra Precision C51 Magnetic Mount comes with Spectra CR600 Detector.  The CR600 used in combination with the C51 machine magnetic mount allows the detector to be used as a machine-control mounted receiver in a wide range of jobsite applications
  • Spectra Precision C50 Rod Mount.  Allows the CR600 Receiver to be used in conjunction with a measuring rod for traditional receiver applications.
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Spectra Precision CR600 Laser Receiver / Laser Detector with Magnetic Mount and Rod Mount

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Spectra CR600 Receiver

Product Description

The Spectra Precision® Laser CR600 Laser Receiver works as a handheld, rod-mounted or machine-mounted laser receiver. The CR600 receiver is ideal for a wide range of general construction, grading, and excavation applications. The versatile, easy-to-use CR600 receiver provides high, low, or on-grade information. Featuring a 270-degree reception and simultaneous 15 channel linear LCD and HI-Bright LED displays, the CR600 is designed for use by general, concrete, and site preparation contractors. In addition to use as a handheld or rod-mounted receiver, the CR600 can be used for machine control on backhoes, small excavators, and skid steer loaders.

Spectra Precision CR600 Receiver INCLUDES

  • CR600 Laser Receiver
  • C51 Magnetic Mount
  • C50 Rod Clamp 

Spectra CR600 Laser Receiver FEATURES and BENEFITS

  • Rugged Magnesium Housing: withstands drop of up to 10-feet on concrete
    • Built for tough environments and easy to cary
  • 15-Channel Linear LCD Display
    • Accurately shows position from the elivation plane
  • Faster Readings
    • No need to go "on grade" to measure. Allows easy fixed offsets
  • Simultaneous SUPER BRIGHT elevation LED's
    • Signal in low light levels, and over a long range
  • Allows for one-person vertical and axis alignment
    • Easier to read in poor light than backlit LCDs and uses less power
  • Easier "high height" operation
    • Multiple deadband settings from Ultra-Fine 0.004-inch to Machine Coarse 1-inch
    • Adapting deadband to fit application requirements
    • Allows faster work with larger deadband
    • Allows for more accurate work with narrow deadband
  • Lost Beam Indication
    • Indicates the direction in which the beam was last detected for faster laser beam relocation
  • Wrap-Around receiver cells - Continuous pickup through 270°
    • Fewer setups and less care with orientation of the receiver
  • Multi-Use Receiver More flexiblility for increased use in multiple applications
    • Rod mounted (with or without clamp)
    • Handheld
    • Machine Mounted (with magnetic clamp)

Spectra Precision CR600 Receiver APPLICATIONS

  • Digging footings
  • Basement excavation
  • Checking sub-base materials
  • Setting and checking elevations
  • Leveling and aligning forms\
  • Screeding concrete

Spectra CR600 Laser Receiver FEATURES and FUNCTIONS

  • (1)Power/Audio Button is a multifunctional button that turns the receiver on/off and allows you to adjust the audio volume.
  • (2)Grade-Sensitivity Button allows you to cycle through receiver’s ongrade sensitivities.The hand-held grade sensitivities include
    • FINE: 1/16-inch (1.5 mm)
    • MEDIUM: 1/8-inch (3 mm)
    • COARSE: 1/4-inch (6 mm)
  • The machine grade sensitivities include:
    • FINE: 3/8-inch (10 mm)
    • COARSE: 1-inch (25 mm)
  • This button also allows you to select
    • ULTRA-FINE: 0.004-inch (0.1 mm)
    • SUPER-FINE: 1/32-inch (1 mm) grade sensitivity when used with the power/audio button.
  • The machine gradesensitivity mode has an offset for on-grade. On-grade is 2-inch (50 mm) below the top of the receiver and is not centered in the photocell.
  • (3)Offset Distance Scale coincides with the LCD bar display and is used to work at an offset distance from on-grade. Three offset scales, which include:
    • metric
    • hundredths of a foot
    • inches
  • (4)Marking Notches align with the on-grade portion of the photocells and are used to mark elevation readings. The marking notches are 2-inch (50 mm) from the top of the receiver.
  • (5)Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) shows the elevation, grade sensitivity, audio, out-of-level, and battery status.
  • (6)Groove is the channel that the grade-rod tongue fits into so the receiver can be attached to the grade rod or magnetic mount.
  • (7)Audio Port is the opening the sound comes out of.
  • (8)Battery Housing holds three AA alkaline or Ni-Cd batteries. The battery-housing door is also used to attach the receiver to a custom grade rod, magnetic mount, or the general-purpose clamp
  • (9)Remote Contacts provides grade-display signals to a radio remote control.
  • (10)Photocell detects the laser beam when it strikes the receiver. The photocell allows you to face the LCD and LEDs and have access to the control buttons, regardless of your position relative to the laser beam. If the receiver does not detect the laser beam for 30 

    minutes, the receiver shuts off automatically.

  • (11)LEDs show the position of the receiver relative to the laser beam
    • above grade
    • on grade
    • below grade
  • (12)Remote Mounting Channels provide a recess for the radio remote control mounting guides to fit into so the radio remote control can be attached to the receiver.

Spectra CR600 Receiver FEATURES and FUNCTIONS Picture


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