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Spectra Precision LL300S-2 Laser Package Inches with HL450 Receiver and Tripod

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Spectra Precision LL300S-2 Inches Laser Package

Product Description

Spectra Precision LL300S-2 Horizontal Laser Base Package

includes Measuring Rod INCHES, Spectra HL450 Laser Receiver and Aluminum Tripod

  This Spectra LL300S-2 Laser Package INCLUDES  

  • Spectra LL300S Laser Transmitter
  • Spectra HL450 Laser Receiver
  • Spectra GR152 Aluminum Rod measurements in INCHES
  • Spectra Q104025 Aluminum Tripod
  • Large "All-in-One" Carrying Case
    • Case Securely Holds: Laser, Receiver, Tripod and Rod

Spectra Precision LL300S Laser OVERVIEW
The automatic, self-leveling Spectra Precision® LL300S Laser Level is the most rugged laser level available, tough enough to handle a wide variety of general and concrete construction applications. Even in harsh jobsite conditions, the LL300S delivers consistently reliable and accurate performance, enabling you to work faster and smarter.

The rugged LL300S laser can withstand drops of up to three feet (one meter) onto concrete and tripod tipovers up to five feet (1.5 meters). This strength, combined with full weatherproofing and dustproofing, reduces downtime and lowers repair costs over the life of the product.

The LL300S laser’s self-leveling capability and optional RC402N radio remote control result in outstanding accuracy and ease of use. Since the LL300S laser levels itself when turned on, setup is easy with fewer controls to deal with. The arrow buttons at the laser offer easy grade matching with a controlled slope setup using the HI-alert function. The optional RC402N radio remote control makes slope matching to a single person operation.

Spectra Precision LL300S Laser KEY FEATURES

  • Automatic Self-Leveling
  • Accuracy 1/16-inch @ 100-foot
  • Working Range of 2,600-foot diameter
  • Simple keypad for easy grade matching
  • Height of Instrument Alert - unit stops rotating when jarred to avoid erroneous readings
  • Long range Radio remote control (optional)
  • Complete kit available and fits in one case with tripod and grade rod
  • Extremely durable and portable
  • 5-Year warranty

Spectra Precision LL300S Laser USER BENEFITS

  • Its all Easy:
    • Easy to Tranport
    • Easy to Set-UP
    • Easy to Use
    • Easy to Carry
    • Easy to Story
  • Energy Efficient Design offers long battery life
  • Highly durable construction enables the LL300S to survive a drop up to 3-feet onto concrete
  • OPTIONAL Radio Remote Control offers access to all laser functions from any jobsite area

Spectra Precision LL300S Laser APPLICATIONS

  • General Elevation Control
  • Checking and setting elevations for small to medium job sites
  • Leveling Forms and Footers
  • Estimating Cut and Fills
  • Excavations
  • Basic Slopes for Driveways and Ramps

Spectra Precision LL300S Laser SPECIFICATIONS

  • Laser Source:
    • 650nm
    • Class 2
    • <3,4mW
  • Laser Accuracy: ± 1/16-inch @ 100-foot
  • Operating Range: 2,600-feet diameter
  • Operating Range of RC402N Remote: 330-feet
  • Self-Leveling Range: ± 5 degrees
  • Compensation Method: Electronic Self Leveling
  • Drop Height onto Concrete Performance: 3-foot
  • Single Axis Manual Slope Mode: Yes
    • with self-leveling mode on the second axis
  • Out-of-Level Warning: Yes
    • Rotor Stops
    • Red out-of-level HI/MAN-LED flashes
  • Power Source: 4 x D-cell NiMH or Alkaline Battereis
  • Battery Life:
    • Rechargeable - 47 hours
    • Alkaline - 60 Hours
  • Battery Status LED: Flashing Red LED
  • Rotation Speed: 600 RPM
  • Tripod Mount (Horizontal and Vertical): 5/8-11 inch
  • Operating Temperature: -4°F to 122°F
  • Storage Temperature: -4°F to 158°F
  • Water and Dust Protection: Yes IP66
  • Size inches: 10.7 Length x 7.7 Width x 7.9 Height
  • Weight (pounds): 5.9
  • Warranty: 5-Years

Spectra Precision HL450 Receiver SPECIFICATIONS

  • Digital Readout Units
    • Millimeter
    • Feet
    • Inches
    • Fractions
  • Reception Height: 4-inches
  • Three On-Grade Sensitivities:
    • Fine ~ 1/16-inch
    • Medium ~ 1/4-inch
    • Calibration Mode ~ 1/64-inch
  • Battery Life (2 x AA): 70+ hours
  • Automatic Shutoff: 30 minutes
  • Operating Temperature: -4°F to 122°F
  • Dust and Waterproof: YES IP67
  • Weight without clamp: 13.1 ounce
  • Warranty: 3-Years


Spectra Precision OPTIONAL RC402N Remote OVERVIEW
The OPTIONAL Spectra RC402N Remote Control for Spectra LL300S Series laser level features a keypad and back-lit LCD with on-screen indicators. With a working rage of up to 330 feet, the RC402N allows construction professionals to perform leveling and slope matching from anywhere on the jobsite.

Product Videos

Spectra Precision LL300N and LL300S 00:45

The Spectra Precision® LL300S is a ruggedized, fully automatic self-leveling Laser Level for all general concrete and site preparation applications. With the addition of the arrow buttons on the transmitter, grade matching can be performed whilst the other axis remains self levelled. The Spectra Precision® LL300N Laser Level features a rugged design with "hard hat" rotor protection that provides superior drop and weather protection. Built to withstand severe drops of up to 3 ft (1 m) directly onto concrete, or up to 5 ft (1.5 m) when pushed over on a tripod means less downtime and cost due to damage caused by accidental drop.

  • Spectra Precis...
    The Spectra Precision® LL300S is a ruggedized, fully automatic...

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