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Spectra Precision LT58 Interior Laser with Green and Red Beams - 3 Planes

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Spectra LT58 Interior Laser

Product Description

This SPECTRA LT58 Laser is in stock with FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING!

The Spectra Precision® LT58 is the Go-To ceiling laser. It provides a bright GREEN 360 degree horizontal laser line that is ideally suited for ceiling work. The compact size and lightweight design allows easy mounting at ceiling height.

The LT58 Go-To ceiling laser is an easy-to-use, automatic self-leveling laser that projects three 360 degree planes of ultra-bright laser light. The horizontal plane produces a bright green laser beam and is ideally suited to acoustic ceiling installations. The green beam is intersected by two vertical red laser planes spaced 90 degrees apart. These laser planes provide reference for interior layout tasks including wall layout and installation, point transfer, cabinet and chair rail installation, tile layout and horizontal and vertical alignment.

The LT58 is powered by a lithium–ion battery that provides a battery life of 19 hours with the green beam. The ecological friendly rechargeable battery significantly lowers operating costs compared to disposable alkaline batteries. The laser package includes a universal mounting accessory that allows mounting to various sized ceiling track including shadow tracks that require alignment to the top of the track. Mounting to various sized tripods, columns and studs is also possible. The mount has fine vertical height and horizontal rotation adjustments for quick and easy setups.

The unit is compact, lightweight and easy to mount. Installations on high ceiling grids will be a quick, easy task compared to conventional heavy rotating lasers and cumbersome mounts.

A tough housing is designed to withstand the rigors of the professional construction environment. This rugged tool is specified to withstand a 3 foot (1 m) drop test.

Spectra Precision LT58 Laser KEY FEATURES and BENEFITS
The LT58 provides a 360⁰ high visibility green horizontal beam and is ideal for ceiling installations. 

  • High visibility 360⁰ green beam can be seen up to 100 ft (30m) and provides full room coverage with a single set up
  • Compact and lightweight design allows easy and secure mounting at ceiling height
  • 2 red laser beams that can be used for vertical alignment
  • Small compact hard case is easy to store on-site and easy to transport Universal mounting accessory fits all main ceiling track styles including shadow track
  • Mounting accessory includes vertical fine adjust, fine rotation, magnetic mounting for steel columns and multiple tripod mount sizes
  • Simple to use Keypad : Easy Operation and set up – automatic self levelling, constant beam, no rotation

Spectra Precision LT58 Laser APPLICATIONS

  • Ceilings
  • Level, horizontal and vertical laout, square & plumb
  • Square and plumb of interior walls Drywall track layout and installation
  • Cabinet and trim installation, finish carpentry
  • The intersection of planes can be used for point transfer floor to ceiling, front to back and side to side

Spectra Precision LT58 : One Laser does it ALL

  • Two x 360° red vertical beams are 90° apart to provide all the reference required for interior layout.
  • Rugged and durable - 3 foot (1m) drop specification means the LT58 can keep working even after minor accidents
  • Lithium-ion batteries provide 19 hour operating time - huge savings on battery cost compared to alkaline models and are ecological friendly


Product Videos

LT58: The Go-To Ceiling Laser - from Spectra Precision 01:39

Spectra Precision's LT58 is The Go-To Ceiling laser. With its compact and rugged design, extended battery life, and its 360° bright green laser line along with two vertical beams - the LT58 is one of the best ceiling lasers in the business. It's no wonder why users are choosing the LT58 as their go-to laser. Find out more about the LT58 at: http://www.spectralasers.com/en/lt58-the-go-to-ceiling-laser.html#.VgrNSvlViko More info on the LT58: The LT58 Laser Tool provides a bright green 360° laser line for ceiling work and is ready for purchase. The LT58 is so bright it is even visible at 100 feet (30m) in rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows. The unit is compact, lightweight and easy to use with its ceiling mount. The optimized mount attaches to all types of ceiling track, including shadow track. The mount solves the shadow track problem of alignment to the top of the track rather than to the bottom edge. The 2 vertical red beams are 90° apart. To increase their visibility, they have 50% more power than the already bright LT56 vertical red beams. They can be used for 90⁰ layout, plumb work and floor-to-ceiling point transfer. They are also handy to set ceiling tile grid plans that are 45° offset from the walls. The LT58 contains a powerful 7200 mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that provides 19 continuous hours of green beam operation. It also can be operated directly with AC power. This eliminates the cost and waste of replacing alkaline batteries every day.

  • LT58: The Go-T...
    Spectra Precision's LT58 is The Go-To Ceiling laser. With its ...

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